Common Hair Styles That Damage Your Hair

Hair care is a sensitive undertaking and in as much as you may want to try out different hairstyles to enhance that beautiful look, you may be causing some serious damage to your hair. Damaging hairstyles most definitely exist, and you could be causing some serious damage without even knowing it. The key to preserving our beautiful hair is to not go overboard with these hairstyles and to allow our hair days to recover and rest. Some of these hair styles include;
• Cornrows- This is a type of hairstyle where hair is braided quite close to the scalp. It can create tension in the scalp and scar it. It will cause hair loss and hair breakage, especially if you choose to keep it for long. In addition, if you do not clean your hair properly, there are chances that you may encourage fungal and bacterial infections which may promote the formation of bald spots.
• Pony Tail- It is a very common hairstyle, but very few realise that it is also one of the causes of hair loss. If you wear a tight ponytail on a regular basis, you are going to strain your scalp by restricting blood circulation to your hair follicles. The damage to the follicles is due to constant pulling over a long period. The most common indicator of hair loss caused by this hairstyle is a receding hairline on the forehead. Other symptoms are headaches, an itchy scalp and hair breakage around the scalp.
• Dreadlocks- As much as they may look fashionable, they may also be disadvantageous. Dreadlocks damage the hair follicles and over a period of time, the hair become twisted and tangled to form dreads. This causes hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp conditions.
• Weaves- Although it may look good on you, it certainly has its drawbacks. Usually, when artificial hair is integrated, it is done either by weaving, gluing or clipping (strand by strand) and this is known to damage your scalp and scar it beyond imagination. Also, hair extensions do not absorb water easily and hence, can get tangled.

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