How To Grow Hair Faster

For some ladies growing back their hair can seem like it takes an eternity and may require more patience and deliberate effort. For others however, the process seems effortless and more natural. You could try out the following tips to help you grow your hair faster;

• Keep your hair scalp healthy- When you cleanse and treat your scalp with healthy ingredients, this helps your hair to grow faster and ultimately produces strong and beautiful hair.
• You could consider trying hair boosting supplements .However, you should ensure you take the right amounts and that it doesn’t interfere with any medication you may be currently taking.
• Try not to shampoo your hair every time you wash it – Most shampoos contain sulphates which damage the hair.
• Condition your hair regularly and don’t wash it too often.
• Immediately after undoing your hair, mix conditioner+ coconut oil + a little water, and apply the mixture onto the hair, massage it in, then comb out prior to washing it.
• Do not apply high levels of heat without protecting your hair first as high levels of heat can cause the hair ends to break and slows down growth.

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